Horses Cut Shop



Horses Cut Shop is a vintage inspired graphic t-shirt company that sells t-shirts from real businesses across the USA. Each time we sell a shirt we give part of the profits back to the business the t-shirt represents. Horses Cut Shop celebrates the small town hero and puts money back in their pocket while promoting their business through the sale of the all-mighty, all-American t-shirt.  Rightly So.


In 2004, Peter Smith founded a small t-shirt shop in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood that sold t-shirts from a few select places around the city in one, central location. In 2007 he was joined by Gabe Johnson and his 1974 Chevy Suburban that he took on an eighteen month sojourn across the U.S. in search of t-shirts and the larger story about a fading America and the small town heroes still managing to hang on. Smith and Johnson grew the company until 2012 when they decided they could do better by the businesses they served and they struck out under the flag of Horses Cut Shop and the rest is minor t-shirt history with a singular goal: to shine a light on main street heroes across the US and put some well deserved dollars back in their pocket. With each shirt Horses Cut Shop sells, a portion of the profits go back to the very business the t-shirt represents.


Horses Cut Shop is out to save America by selling t-shirts. Not just any t-shirts but t-shirts emblazened with the logos of real, honest-to-goodness places that exist, out there, away from world wide internets, the mega malls and mindless restaurant chains. These small, independently owned businesses provide us our unique experiences and are identifiers of our individual geographies. The road side burger joint on Hwy 16, the bowling alley on State Street, the record store where you bought your first album, the bar where your parents met, these places are vanishing because convenience and thrift have supplanted local patronage and community as the primary drivers of our spending habits. Horses Cut Shop is using the t-shirt as a vehicle to get people to think about the brands they identify with and the businesses they support.


We travel, we meet people, we visit local businesses and every so often, when we fall in love with one of them, we screen-print their beautiful, one-of-a-kind logo on a 100% USA Made Cotton T-Shirt and sell it to vintage t-shirt fans around the world. And wouldn't you know it, each time a shirt sells the business the t-shirt represents gets a portion of the money. There's a guy in Borneo wearing a Malena's Taco Shop shirt right now and there's someone back at the Taco Shop putting his money to good use.


We get our ideas from people like you, because "every one is from somewhere". Know of a place we'd fall in love with? A bowling alley or tavern? Doesn't matter if it's just down the road or long since gone, we want to celebrate it, resurrect it, tell the story and give you something to meaningful to wear on your person.  Just drop us an email with all the juicy details and we'll do the rest.


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