Horses Cut Shop

"Made from America" on GACTV

Horses Cut Shop has teamed up with the Great American Country Channel to present a new TV series, Made from America. The series follows Horses Cut Shop on their quest to find the most iconic small businesses in America. Each episode features three honest-to-goodness local busineses and tells their individual motivations and philosophies of chasing their particular brand of the American Dream. At the conclusion of each episode, Horses Cut Shop will reveal a t-shirt designed in conjunction with the business. The t-shirts that make the show can be purchased on this website with part of the profit going back to the very business the t-shirt represents.

“Made from America hopes to inspire people to not only get out there and see a lesser-known America, but to patronize and celebrate their own local slices of America. The bait shop, the bowling alley, the local tavern. These are more than places that just sell stuff, they're the foundations of our communities and part of who we are and where we come from.”
                                                       Gabe Johnson, - Horses Cut Shop

T-SHIRTS: All t-shirts produced for the Made-from-America series represent real businesses with a portion of the profits from each sale going directly back to that business. Horses Cut Shop uses Made in America garments when ever possible and will make a conspicuous note of exceptions when they occur. See shirts that make the show.

GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY: The Great American Country channel (GACTV) celebrates the best of America, from bucket list travel in the USA to upcycling ideas that honor the past.  Use this station finder to get channel information in your area.