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We're always on the lookout for people who will talk to us about our mission of saving America..  We believe our model is unique and although the stuff we're planning might make some uncomfortable in their bathing suit area, it's good medicine and good for America.  If you're in the press business, have a blog or just want to talk muscle cars, drop us an email at

The Daily World
Made from America premieres April 30th 9/8 Central on Great American Country."Made from America - Born on Grays Harbor. Reality TV one t-shirt at a time."


"Seattle-based Gabe Johnson has been making his mark on America for the last 8 years. A passion for Americana and the business he co-owns has led him across the country to pull inspiration for an ever-evolving line of retro t-shirts." 


"Twenty Iconic, all-American t-shirts. These shirts are homegrown at Horses Cut Shop, host of the new ‘Made from America” series premiering April 30th at 9/8c on Great American Country.


Great American Country

Horses Cut Shop TV show to premiere in April on Great American Country. "Gabe Johnson visits businesses in the heart of small towns across America and creates retro T-shirts."


The Daily World

"How does Seattle T-Shirt Company relate to Grays Harbor?"Gabe Johnson Horses Cut Shop

Nordstrom Fashion Blog

"Designer Spotlight: Gabe Johnson of Horses Cut Shop"

Seattle Magazine

"Horses Cut Shop launches Women's Tees at Nordstrom stores."

Made in the U.S.A.

"Gabe is disheartened by the demise of small town America, Main Streets that use to be filled with small businesses owned by your next door neighbor and people you knew and cared about. "

Cherry Picked Design

"Horses Cut Shop is saving America one t-shirt at a time."

Daily Candy

"Ease him out of that soccer jersey and into a Horses Cut Shop tee that shows off the logos of small, independently owned businesses such as Malena’s Taco Shop, Comet Tavern, and Alpine Hut. The local biz even gets a portion of proceeds"

Nordstrom Men's Shop Daily

"Growing up in Aberdeen, Washington, in the 1970s left Gabe Johnson with memories of girlfriends who smelled like bubblegum and vodka, a penchant for explosives, a taste for illicit cartoons—and a zealous sense of nostalgia for America"


Seattle Magazine
" Horses Cut Shop Pops Up at Nordstrom"

Horses Cut Shop Treasure & Bond
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine
" The local "Made from America" brand brings its iconic tees to the downtown Nordstrom"

Seattle Magazine
"Gabe Johnson, curator of Horses Cut Shop, explains his Americana garb"

Seattle Metropolitan Magazine
"A conversation with Horses Cut Shop curator, T-shirt maker, and small-town icon enthusiast Gabe Johnson"

NY Racked
"...Horses Cut Shop pop-up, a brand that specializes in cotton tee shirts depicting the logos of small businesses throughout the country—from burger joints to bicycle shops."
"...we’re pretty sure we can say this new collab between Nordstrom-owned concept shop Treasure & Bond and hard-to-define social club/t-shirt company Horses Cut Shop is unlike any collaboration that’s come before it."

Nordstrom & The Selby ...Todd Selby and Nordstrom pay a visit to Horses Cut Shop. 

“We’ve created a community here. This is a place where people can take themselves a little less seriously, and inject some wonder and curiosity back into their lives.” –Gabe Johnson, curator at Horses Cut Shop Event Space, Seattle, Wash.

Watch The Selby Video on YouTube .

Gabe Johnson Seattle

Hide Your Arms
" I think this is a really cool idea, and the designs look good too. I don’t like it when you see people wearing shirts with invented businesses on them like “Vinny’s Autos” or something like that which is meant to be faux-vintage as if there aren’t enough real businesses out there which can provide genuine inspiration."

The Piranah Shop
" For our first ever installment we decided to link up with our good friend Gabe Johnson of Horses Cut Shop. Gabe is a motorcycle loving, free wheeling bandit that has an eye for classic Americana and the uncanny ability to curate amazing installations and events."

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